Getting started examples

The GitHub repository contains some example projects to help you get started with the JavaScript client library. The examples are stored in the packages/client/examples directory and include code for Node.js and several browser toolchains. Each example directory has a explaining how to install dependencies and run the code.

Here's a brief look at how to run the Node.js example:

  1. First, clone the GitHub repo:

    git clone
  2. Move into the NodeJS example folder and install the dependencies using NPM:

    npm install
    added 232 packages, and audited 233 packages in 10s
    42 packages are looking for funding
      run `npm fund` for details
    found 0 vulnerabilities
  3. Run the put-files.js script, along with the associated variables:

    node put-files.js --token="your-token" ~/file.txt
  4. That's it!

Running the script is easy, but to really learn how things work, you should take a look at the script itself! Open it up in a text editor and play around with the functions. One of the best ways to learn how something works is by breaking it.

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