Storage that grows with you is designed for scale and simplicity. Utilize our elastic, hosted data platform that natively integrates decentralized data and authentication protocols. No need to worry about performance or reliability.


Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does have over other IPFS hosted services? runs on Elastic IPFS, an open-source, cloud-native, highly scalable implementation of IPFS. We wrote it as the solution to address increasing adoption of, which previously used kubo and IPFS Cluster. As a result, is designed to give strong performance and reliability regardless of how much data is being stored on it, meaning that you can rely on it as you and grow. And all data is backed up in Filecoin storage deals, which gives cryptographic proof that your data is physically being stored without needing to trust

Further, the platform provides other best-in-class implementations of IPFS on performant infrastructure, from w3link, our IPFS HTTP gateway that can be up to 10x faster than other public gateways, to w3name, a hosted service for dynamic data use cases.

How do I store data on that is already available over the IPFS network without having to download and reupload it myself?
Paid plans give users access to our implementation of the Pinning Service API, which allows you to store data on that is already available over the IPFS network.