Say hello to the data layer

Use decentralized protocols to liberate your data using our easy-to-use developer platform. We’ll take care of the rest.

Connecting services with the data layer

Eliminate silos with the platform. Using IPFS and other decentralized protocols, create a true data layer that connects you, your users, and the Web, regardless of where content is stored - client-side, in the cloud, or elsewhere.

Sounds hard? It isn’t. Our client libraries are super easy-to-use, abstracting the complexity of these decentralized protocols. And we provide services like data storage designed to natively support these protocols, so things just work without you ever being locked-in.

1  // store.mjs
3 import { Web3Storage, getFilesFromPath } from ''
5 const token = process.env.API_TOKEN
6 const client = new Web3Storage({ token })
8 async function storeFiles () {
9 const files = await getFilesFromPath('/path/to/file')
10 const cid = await client.put(files)
11 console.log(cid)
12 }
Run it withnpm i API_TOKEN=YOUR_TOKEN node ./store.mjs
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Stored Objects
Store data with our easy
to use API or JS library
Filecoin Storage Providers
Data is stored trustlessly across a growing network of storage providers via Filecoin


With you get all the benefits of decentralized storage and other cutting-edge protocols with the frictionless experience you expect in a modern dev workflow. Check out our docs pages to learn more.


All data is accessible via IPFS and backed by Filecoin storage, with service authentication using decentralized identity. Create user-centric applications, run verifiable workloads on data, and more - no servers needed, no lock-in, no trust necessary.


We take the best of web2 and web3 to provide infra you can rely on to scale with you. Frustration with decentralized storage is a thing of the past.


Start storing in minutes using our simple client library to see how decentralized protocols can work together to unlock your data layer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by the “ platform”? is a suite of APIs and services that make it easy for developers and other users to interact with data in a way that is not tied to where the data is actually physically stored. It natively uses decentralized data and identity protocols like IPFS, Filecoin, and UCAN that enable verifiable, data- and user-centric application architectures and workflows.

At the core of the platform includes a hosted storage service which can be used to upload and persist data to make it continuously available. The platform also contains additional services like w3link and w3name that make it easier to create seamless, delightful web experiences utilizing web3 protocols.

What advantages does have over traditional hosted storage services?
Because uses decentralized data and identity protocols like IPFS and UCAN, data and identity are referenced in an open way. Data is referenced using IPFS content identifiers that are unique to the data, making your data...
What advantages does have over other IPFS hosted services? runs on Elastic IPFS, an open-source, cloud-native, highly scalable implementation of IPFS. We wrote it as the solution to address increasing adoption of, which previously used kubo...

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Choose your own way to store and retrieve using Use your email address or GitHub to get 5 GiB storage for free, with paid plans starting at only $3.
JS Client Library
npm install
Import the lightweight library into your project, and enjoy a simple and familiar way to store and retrieve.
curl -X POST —data-binary “@foo.gif”
Test or build your project on any stack, using our easy-to-use HTTP API. is as flexible as you need it to be.
Web App
Drop file to upload
Upload your files directly through our Web UI to debug and validate’s use case for your project.

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